Replace Your Old  
Relationship Skills & Create Your Own...
 "Happily Ever After!"

You may be in a relationship, or you may be looking for that ideal relationship either way, this is still your starting point to create your own "Happily Ever After". Because the first step towards a healthy relationship is to understand what you are creating and discover if it is going in the direction you want. 

  • If you are in a relationship, you may want to discover what is not working and learn how to redirect it.
  • And if you are single, instead of finding what you think is the perfect partner, know that you are creating the perfect partner.

Most everyone that gets into a relationship wants the same thing... 

Their very own "Happily Ever After"!

But what I've seen too many times are people looking for a relationship and when they find it, that is when they begin to discover if it will work or not. While those in a relationship begin to settle because they think they can not change how the relationship is going

With divorce on a rise, it costs you more than time to discover that you are not compatible with the person you are with. 

Those of you with a partner may be asking, what am I supposed to do now? Settling in a relationship that is draining, and making you unhappy is not where you want to be, but getting divorced is not an option either.

That is where this training comes in. Discover the beginning steps in making your relationship exactly what you want. 

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Roger L. House
Roger L. House
Empowerment Expert

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Roger. I've been coaching, teaching, and developing training for well over 25 years. What makes my training different is that everything I teach is due to something I had to learn to change my own life. This means that whatever I teach, I know works, because my toughest client made it work. (ME)

I started my career coaching individuals, moving to groups, and finally working with couples that are in distress. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that my coaching has changed lives. 

In my work I always believed in working myself out of a job. In relationship coaching, that means that I help singles and couples discover the skills needed to create the ideal relationship for themselves, no matter what that may look like. My mission is the same as my passion, to create heaven on earth one relationship at a time.